Critical linking 08

Critical Linking

🚲 Below the Surface – what will you find when you dredge an Amsterdam canal? LINK

🔱 What if you knew you were going to die? Most likely, though, the majority of individuals would toggle between being hyper-motivated and nihilistic. LINK

⏳ A room of one’s own for writers, a la Virginia Woolf – I love this idea. LINK

🐬 The origins of the phrase Hurry Slowly. As a teenager, I lived on the outskirts of a ‘Slow Living’ village, a physical ode to mindfulness, so this resonates. Perhaps more now than it did then! LINK

🧠 12 things everyone should understand about tech. LINK

💮 The Lotus Blossom technique for creative idea generation. LINK

👙 Learning to Speak Lingerie. Chinese lingerie merchants in Egypt and the inroads of globalisation. LINK

🏆 Where the success leaks out (in your practice). LINK

🦂 Drake’s Scorpion album as explained by an astrologer and an entomologist. LINK

⚽ The psychology of the England football team – great insight into how modern teams can harness their power. LINK



Critical linking 05

Critical Linking

🧠 Mental models – an almost complete guide. LINK

🕰 Everything is timing. Being awake to temporal forces can help us work smarter and live better. LINK

⛵ These Women Circumnavigated The Earth But Came Back To The Same Sexist Attitudes. An amazing story of perseverance, ocean life and the retrograde bullshit of the Indian Navy. LINK

☠ The Corpse Project. What is the most eco-friendly way to shuffle off this mortal coil? LINK

👾 Discovering a name for it. The imp of the perverse – a metaphor for the urge to do exactly the wrong thing in a given situation for the sole reason that it is possible for wrong to be done. LINK

💘 Esther Perel on the different language men and women use when we ask for what we want in relationships, and the permissions we are granted by society. LINK

🔮 The tarot cards of tech. LINK

⌨ There is no place for Garamond on the web, with reference to graffiti from Pompeii. LINK

This week I am also thinking about:

  • Resilience in the workplace, and whether resilient people are the key to adaptable companies.
  • Jessica Lanyadoo’s horoscopes and how they serve as really on-point life advice stars aside. “Growth requires you to change and to risk outgrowing things or people that you’re invested in. Follow the organic flow of your life to see where it takes you this week, Scorpio. You’re ready to embody more of yourself in your relationships, even if that means going through a period of discomfort or uncertainty with others. When you show up with more of yourself, things get more real, and if that makes things worse, then it’s just a matter of time anyways. Show up all the way.”
  • I’ve started a full-time contract at Canary Wharf – it feels very back to the future, it was the first area in London I worked, circa 2011. Get your nails done on demand. Amazon Lockers in the canteen. Self-scan & pay machines at the pharmacy. Conveyor belt food options. The design on convenience for an (upper-middle class segment) office worker is insane.
  • Reading Esther Perel’s The State Of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity – a book for anyone who has ever loved. (And wondering how I can look as good as the author at 60.)

Critical linking 04

Critical Linking

👽 2018’s most unexpected pairing? Elon Musk, Grimes, and the philosophical thought experiment that brought them together LINK

💱 What was the last big change that defines you today? LINK

♻ Re-grieving. A must read. LINK

🌹 How a math genius hacked OKCupid to find love. I  appreciate statistics to find love, but this might be is on the creepy side of the fence. LINK

🛀 Famous women on being alone. A very positive read. LINK

💀 Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal on your many lives and the opportunities they offer. I am thrilled to be starting a new one. LINK

🏁 The women who designed the pattern for modern Britain. Enid Marx, Minnie McLeish and Lucienne Day – a generation of revolutionary print creators. LINK


Critical linking 03

Critical Linking

🔮 Find your purpose in five minutes! LINK

🕶 The spectacular power of Big Lens. Essilor and Luxottica are about to merge – but what’s the story…? LINK

💼 A day in the life of Americans – a data visualisation/simulation. Mesmerising. LINK

🍥 A visual guide to writing personal essays. I am fond of the whorl of reflection. LINK

🎺 Four things procrastinators need to learn… Such as confidence comes after you start, not before. Oof. LINK

📝 Māori greetings and sign-offs. My friend Alix shared an email from her mum which had ngā mihi nui in the signature. I’ve taken it for my own use, as a) it connects me with home and b) it has an emphasis on gratitude. LINK

🤷‍♀️ If you want a more innovative company hire more women. LINK

🧠 I’ve been thinking about… ‘solvitur ambulando’, or it is solved by walking. I’ve started running again | Listening to Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones – reflective of my mood and also the fact there’s a new season of Westworld which I love, love, love. This lead me down a sitar rabbit hole.


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