Critical linking

Things that made me go ooh:

  • The NY Times US dialect quiz. An oldie but a goodie — popular topic in my household — I’m working on some US content strategy, and V. is double-checking he really is a Midwest native.
  • Is this my interface or yours? Examining how products label functions for different points of view.
  • Self-service laundry supplies. A Chilean start-up is bringing its automated bulk-dispensing system for staple food and cleaning product to NYC— opening up economies of scale to customers at all income levels. Bring your own packaging ensures extra eco-credentials. [Via Strands of Genius]
  • BrainyTab. A cognitive bias, mental model or dark pattern explained every time you open a new tab to help improve your decision-making process.
  • User personas… Peloton’s new characters look nothing like the Peloton wife, here’s why.

This week I am also thinking about:

Moving to Italy on a semi-permanent basis (we’ve been hanging out here and in Switzerland since July, cat included). Related: how much pasta can I squeeze in my luggage? Looking at to organise my notes and life. How nice it is to have my hair ‘done’ for the first time all year.