Critical linking 07

Critical Linking

🍕 What does randomness look like? Featuring glow-worms from the Waitomo caves. LINK

🇬🇧 Photos of London in the Blitz. LINK

🌲 A quest to get inside Britain’s biggest weed greenhouse…The UK is the world’s biggest exporter of cannabis-derived medicines. LINK

🧠 The ultimate psychology reading list via the BPS. LINK

🦒 “The reputation laundering firm that ruined its own reputation”.A fascinating collapse – the Bell Pottinger story. Hits close to home as I was working in PR in London at the time, and am still a member of the PRCA… It’s a shocking story, but unfortunately, something that seems to happen again and again. LINK

📺 The myth of learning styles. LINK

👯 Immodest women alert! Why female doctors shouldn’t hide their titles. LINK

🇷🇺 Winnow’s podcast of the week: She’s In Russia. LINK