Critical linking 03

Critical Linking

🔮 Find your purpose in five minutes! LINK

🕶 The spectacular power of Big Lens. Essilor and Luxottica are about to merge – but what’s the story…? LINK

💼 A day in the life of Americans – a data visualisation/simulation. Mesmerising. LINK

🍥 A visual guide to writing personal essays. I am fond of the whorl of reflection. LINK

🎺 Four things procrastinators need to learn… Such as confidence comes after you start, not before. Oof. LINK

📝 Māori greetings and sign-offs. My friend Alix shared an email from her mum which had ngā mihi nui in the signature. I’ve taken it for my own use, as a) it connects me with home and b) it has an emphasis on gratitude. LINK

🤷‍♀️ If you want a more innovative company hire more women. LINK

🧠 I’ve been thinking about… ‘solvitur ambulando’, or it is solved by walking. I’ve started running again | Listening to Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones – reflective of my mood and also the fact there’s a new season of Westworld which I love, love, love. This lead me down a sitar rabbit hole.