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Content strategy reading list

Kristina Halvorson is THE go-to expert on all things content strategy. When she talks, people listen (check out her new podcast), and when she asks, people respond. This week she asked her Twitter followers for their suggestions – what books should be on a content strategist’s bookshelf? They delivered, and some!

For your buying/browsing pleasure, I’ve popped them all into a spreadsheet with US/UK links for purchase 📝

The UX team of one


The origins of Bluetooth

Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson (born c. 910—died c. 987) was a king of Denmark and Norway, best known in his time for introducing Christianity to the country. In recent times, his legacy continues in the oddest of forms. wireless Bluetooth technology is named after him, and the symbol is composed of the two runes spelling out his initials RB. The logo is a bind rune merging the Runic letters Hagall and Bjarkan. Something to ponder the next time you connect your headphones to your phone. Beep-boop.

Bluetooth Rune

Via The Guardian: Boy unearths treasure of the Danish king Bluetooth in Germany